Zambia Futon Cover Ottoman 64

Made to fit Ottoman size futon cushion measuring 21 inches wide, 28 inches long and up to 8 inches thick. Futon cover features 3 sided, concealed zipper construction. Made in USA. Zambia fabric offers a distinctly eclectic style and modern flair in a durable linen weave fabric. Individual elements and indicators in asparagus green, coral pink, carnelian red, cerulean blue and gamboge yellow combine on a muted sea moss papaya whip background. 50/50 cotton polyester. Made in U.S.A. Machine washable

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Sakai Takayuki 24 cm. Sujibiki Hammered Damascus VG10

Home & Kitchen
Sakai Takayuki 24 cm./9.5" blade sujibiki made in Japan. The stain resistant blade is 17 layers Damascus hammered steel with a VG10 alloy core. VG10 is a vanadium containing steel. Vanadium adds to wear resistance and hardness. This allows the blade to have a very sharp edge. HRC is 60. The handle is desertwood. Comes boxed.

17 Layers Damascus Hammered Stainless Steel
VG10 Alloy Core