Yoshihiro 270mm Inox Sujihiki Japanese Chef Knife, 10.6-Inch

Home & Kitchen
Yoshihiro Inox knives are made of Inox carbon steel, vanadium, chromium and molybdenum. This combination of different metals creates a knife that is stain resistant and maintains its sharp edge. Blades are thinner and lighter compared to German knives. Inox knives are perfect for those who want a knife that is sharp and easy to maintain. Great for using at home and professionally. Whetstone sharpening is recommended The Sujihiki is a slicing knife. It is used to slice boneless fish filets, poultry breasts and roasts. The height of the blade is short, which reduces friction when slicing.

Yoshihiro - Japanese Chef Knife Inox Sujihiki 10.6" (270mm)
Made in Japan
Japanese Chef Knife

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